What's Your Home Worth?

Placing a value on your home is not an easy task. You've spent years making your home to be exactly the way you like it but now your personal attachment makes it difficult for you to be objective. You need to keep in mind that one man's castle may be another's money pit. Obviously you need a more objective way to evaluate the value of your home.

You'll be able to determine a realistic value by comparing your home against other similar homes for sale and that have recently sold in your neighborhood. Find out their sale prices and compare them to your home.
Start with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms then consider other factors such as the overall condition of each house, the architectural style, the size of the lot, square footage in living space and any other extra amenities that may make a home more desirable.

Of course the only way to get a truly objective analysis of the value of your home is through a competent real estate agent who has access to a more comprehensive method of house comparison via the Multiple Listing Service. The MLS provides Realtors® with information on every home that is currently for sale and every home that has sold in the last year.

Accurate pricing is more of an acquired skill than a concrete science when you consider the many factors involved in deciding a realistic price (such as the home's style and landscaping; neighborhood; city zoning and tax structure; floor-plan; appealing extras and home improvements.) This is one area where an expert Real Estate Advisor like Romeo DiPietra can be a big help to you.

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