Our TEAM Is Right On Target When It Comes To Finding The Best Home And Negotiating The Best Price!

Not all properties actually "For Sale" are advertised in the papers, on the MLS or even the internet at any one time. Do you know which homes are the best buys? The truth is, that the very best properties are usually sold BEFORE the general public, or even most Realtors find out about them. So even if you are familiar with an area, chances are that our team has access to properties that you or most other real estate agents may be unaware of.
You may be new to an area, but Our Team isn't. We will save you a lot of time, trouble and a considerable amount of money with our nationwide network of Real Estate Agent/Advisors. They are right on top of the ever changing market forces, and are knowledgeable about local schools, shops and amenities. Our Team can also help you with arrangements for airport pickups and hotel accommodations if necessary.

We are well positioned to not only help you target the best homes and areas, but also to negotiate the best deal and to protect YOUR best interests every step along the way.

In most cases, our services are Free of Charge to you. When it comes to house hunting, doesn't it makes sense to have a Team of Experts on your side! Start by considering your lifestyle, budget, specific requirements, and then list them on the Find Your Dream Home Form. The form has been carefully designed to help you identify your housing requirements, and ultimately to help us find the properties that are best suited to your needs.

Why Do I Need A Buyers Agent?

To find a home, buyers usually either look on the MLS internet site, in the newspaper, see a sign, or simply do "drive bys". Buyers will then quite often call the Realtor who's name is on the sign or in the ad. Buyers often assume that the listing agent is the best to deal with since a) they know the property and b) may be more "flexible" in negotiations.

BEWARE: In most cases, however, the Realtor you would be dealing with is either the agent or sub agent of the seller, and is legally obligated to get the best price & terms for the seller, not you! Also, since they have a vested interest, they are not likely to tell you about other properties that may be superior to their listing. You are really on your own.

Sellers Have Agents...Buyers Should To!

When you hire us as your agent to represent you, the agent can spend the time and effort necessary to truly learn and understand what your wants and needs are. Your agent will be better equipped to search out properties that most closely meet your needs, thereby saving you considerable time aggravation and yes even money.

In addition, your agent is better able to advise you about any negative factors as well as the positive points of a property that you may be considering. He or She is on Your side! Every action that is recommended or taken is to put you in the very best position and give You the best advantage.

When you are ready to "zero in" and make a purchase, you will want a dedicated, experienced, Buyers Agent/Broker working with you. We are on "your side," and will work hard not only to help you find the best property, but also to protect your best interests before, during and even after the sale has been made.